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Control management of Aspergillus flavus PDF Print E-mail
Sep 19, 2008 at 04:20 AM

Control management of Aspergillus flavus a main aflatoxin producers and soil borne fungi on pistachio in Kerman

Saremi Hossin , Mahmood Okhovat , hanieh saremi

The pistachio gardens in Iran s rival other counteries with 280000 hectares and ranks frist in the world in terms of production 300.000 Mts. Ecological factors for pistachio planting favor the growth of Aspergillus flavus which produce aflatoxin as secondary metabolites which reduce pistachio exports. It is important to control A. flavus and its aflatoxin production to increase pistachio exportation in country.

By the way soil borne fungi such as fusarium sp, Phytophthora sp. And verticilium sp. Makes also root rot on pistachio trees which resulted yield reduction. It was necessary to find various ways for control management of these fungi to control wilting and inhibit toxic production on pistachio.soil solarization and biological control application were to best methods for contorolling soil borne fungi and A. flavus which are used in many counteries. We used soil solarization method for controlling soil borne fungal pathogen from 100 CFU –g/soil to 300 after 2 weeks and reduced to 100 CFU –g/oil after 4 weeks. This method was simple, effective , non negative side and economic which can be used in nearly warm areas. We are going to introduce various ways to control the main fungal pathogen on pistachio to increase its exporting all over the world.

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