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Production and Marketing of Pistachio PDF Print E-mail
Sep 19, 2008 at 04:30 AM

Production and Marketing of Pistachio in World and Iran: Present Scenario and Future Outlook

Bita Tabatabaei Amid & Alireza Sadeghi Mahoonak

Pistachio is an important non-petroluem export item of Iran. Iran ranks first in the world in terms of pistachio production and harvested area but it does not enjoy such a high position in global marketing due to exporting challenges. Other production counteries are USA , China , turkey and Syria.

In this paper world production of pistachio with emphasis on major producing counteries during period of 1990-2004 is discussed. The resultes showed that iran that average share of 53.3% in world production of pistachio in this period is the major producer of this crop. The export data shows that average share of Iran in pistachio export in world during study period is 64.4%. Other major exporter counteries are USA, Germany, Hong Kong and Syria.
Although Germany and Hong Kong are not among producing counteries, but but they import pistachio from grower counteries. The main pistachio importer counteries in world market are Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy and France.

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