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Preservation of Pistachio PDF Print E-mail
Sep 19, 2008 at 04:37 AM

Preservation of Pistachio in terms of quality and packaging materials

Zolfagharieh , H.R., Ahari Mostafavi , H., babaii , M , Aflaki, Mozafari , K

Accourding to different tests that have been done for comparing irradiated and non-irradiated different packaging materials with the dose of 1.0 kGy, the results did not show any considerable difference between the treated packaging materials and non-treated ones.

The effectiveness of different packaging materials due to puncture resistance created by insects and percentage of infestation in two sides of materials, the indicate that only PET, PET/PVDC and OPP/PE were resistant to Plodia interpunctella and in the case of Orhyzaephilus.surinamensis all the packaging materials except PE/PS and BOPP were resistant.However as a result to all experiments that has been done (physical-insect resistance – sensory quality), the results show that PET 80 micron in view of tensile, sealing, puncture resistance and keeping products fresh is the best.
Evaluation sensory quality tests for irradiated pistachios with the doses (0.5 and 1.0 kGy) and compared with the non-irradiated one in terms of texture, taste, odour and colour during one year , the result show that it is no significant difference between irradiated and non- irradiated pistachio. However in some cases, irradiated pistachios with the dose of 1.0 kGy was a little more delicious.
Analysis of different important ingredients (protein- fat- and minerals) packed in PET 80 micron as the best packaging material and the obtained disinfestations dose (0.7 kGy), the results show no considerable difference between treated and none treated ingredients on pistachios.
Irradiation facility for the project was provided by gamma- cell of 4100 Ci/Co60 source at a dose rate of 0.64Gy/s installed at NRCAM, Karaj, Iran.

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